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And now a break from my usual postings…
This past weekend, we attended the wonderful Kuronekocon for the first time. Our daughter is heavily into manga and anime, and she’s been dreaming of cosplaying for a while now. The three of us worked together, quite laboriously to construct her costume, down to the teeth, even. She spent a long time pausing episodes of Kuroshitsuji, to freehand sketch the chainsaw details just right, before making it with her dad.
She cosplayed Grell Sutcliff, from Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler). During our time at the show, we ran into other Grells, a DARLING Madam Red, and Simone’s other favorite character, Drossel! She’d like to cosplay as Drossel next year, complete with music box.
What was most phenomenal for me, as a parent, was to see her transform, and lose most of her shyness. She posed happily for photos, thanked people who complimented her and even competed in the costume contest. That was a first. And she saw her first concert, went to her first club night… it was an amazing weekend for her.
Simone is 12 years old. I am so proud of her creativity and her determination, and most of all her striking individuality. This will be the first of many more cosplay posts regarding my daughter, I am sure.

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